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Short Affair PROMPTS for December 11th


Can you believe that it's only three weeks until Christmas already? While everyone else is planning for the festivities, our brave Men (and women) from U.N.C.L.E. continue their mission the make the world safe.You can find everything you need, for stories due on December 11th, down below the cut.

To join in with today's postings just follow this link for the prompts you need.

Remember, Section VII is a Gen site, but stories which are Het, Long-term Romance or AU can be posted in mfu_map_room.

Posting directly to Section VII is still fine but, if you wish, you can post your story elsewhere and provide a link. Please say where the link leads as a lot of people are unwilling to go to certain sites. Don't forget, Section VII and the Map Room are both available on Dreamwidth, for those of you who can figure it out (Just let us know if you posted there).

Have fun.

-Prompt Word 1 - Nerve

-Prompt Word 2 – Pipe

-Prompt Colour – Purple

-Due Date – 11th December 2017

Challenge Rules

-Your story should be built around ONE of the prompt words plus the colour. I.E.- Word 1/Colour or Word 2/Colour.

-Word Count – must be between 300 and 1000.

-All stories should be headed with ‘Short Affair’ Challenge, the due date and your title.

-Please state at the top of your post which prompt combination you are using.

-Tags - please use short_affair, gen or gen-mature.

-Section VII is a Gen community, so stories should be appropriate, i.e. nothing explicit or overly-graphic. However, there is the Gen-Mature tag for anything containing violence, torture or mild Het. The Map Room should be used for Het stories, but again, nothing overly graphic.

-Also, as a courtesy to others, please use the LJ Cut, so as not to take up all the room on someone’s feed.
Tags: challenges, short_affair
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