glennagirl (glennagirl) wrote in section7mfu,

Last Chance... Not Really...

S7 RR.jpgWe're stuck with the same three characters waiting for someone to claim them and write their stories.  Of course we'll manage it with the current writers, but surely someone out there is longing to tell a story about one of these women, explain to us who and how they are what we see in their episodes.  Perhaps they are the most challenging, in which case I put it to you: What are you waiting for?
Alexander Waverly... alynwa
Mark...  avirra
Lisa Rogers
George Dennel...  ssclassof56
Mandy Stevenson (Never, Never Affair)
Del Floria  jantojones
Terry Cook (Gurnius Affair)
Angelique mrua7
Aunt Amy mrua7
Tags: 2017 christmas round robin
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