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I'm going to woo you with words...

I'm still campaigning for writers to join in this 2017 Christmas Round Robin.  As I mentioned previously, it isn't exaclty a round robin, but it does require each person to contribute to the story by writing a stand alone chapter about the character you are assigned, based on the opening scene.
I'm giving you a preview,  to entice and encourage you, so that you know where it's headed.  We have a situation, and all of the characters have a story that is about them and their thoughts about where they've ended up.
I believe this can be a compelling story, and I'm hopeful that we have enough writers to flavor the chapters with uniquely different viewpoints, just as these characters are each different.
We currently have three writers committed to the RR, and I'm hoping some more of you will join in and make my oddball scenario for a round robin a success.
And, I'll sweeten the pot: first come first serve basis on choosing your characters.  That means ssclassof56 and mrua7 have the first and second choices on characters.
Okay, here's the Preview...

Ten people sat in separate rooms, each of them in a haze of drugs and uncertainty.

1) It was going to be hard to explain how Alexander Waverly was abducted while in the company of UNCLE escorts.  It would later be determined that the opportunity to strike had been with the intention of capturing more than just the Chief, his agents were also part of the ploy to terrorize the Command.

2) April Dancer and Mark Slate were cursing their inability to fight off the attackers.  Neither of them knew for certain that the others were alive or being tortured… part of their own torment would be not knowing who else had survived.

Unknown to the three, others were also being held captive.  They would later learn that their  place of incarceration was an old hotel, a relic from the past in this out of the way village on the road to nowhere.

3) Mandy Stevenson had been taken while sauntering through Central Park, her mind wandering in much the same pattern as her foray into the less inhabited spots had taken her; this made her an easy target as a cloth saturated with chloroform was slapped over her face.  She succumbed quickly, her vision of a mission for UNCLE vanishing along with consciousness.

4) Del Floria, the ever present welcoming agent whose greeting made even Illya Kuryakin smile, was tied to a chair as he came to from his drug induced sleep.  His first thoughts were to question why anyone would want him.  What possible use was he to a kidnapper?

5) George Dennel had been on his way to a favorite restaurant, preparing to dine alone once more.  When he spotted the attractive blonde smiling in his direction, his attention was distracted just long enough for the waiter to drop something into his drink.  Within minutes of sipping it, with the blonde still in sight, George slipped into a disturbing dream and awoke to something far worse.

6) Lisa Rogers was a trained agent, a graduate of Survival School and Alexander Waverly's right hand woman.  She enjoyed breaking barriers, and once or twice had entertained breaking Kuryakin's head.  She wasn't sure why she maintained a reserved demeanor towards him; perhaps it was because he didn't yield to her ego any more than she did to his.   At the moment, that was irrelevant.  What was she doing in this room, and who had put her here?  She'd get the answer, and woe to the person who had done this to her.

7) In another room a screeching sound could be heard by the guard in the hallway.  Terry Cook had been at it since waking up from the sleep dart in her arm.  This reeked of some wretched UNCLE affair, something she had hoped to never encounter again.  In spite of Napoleon Solo's abundant charms, he came attached to the Russian, and that was a scary memory for her still.  For now, she intended to scream and shout until someone explained why she was here.

8) Another room had two occupants.  One woman was a glamorous blonde in her twenties, svelte and attractive in spite of a quirk in her smile.  She wasn't smiling now however, she was looking at the older woman across from her.  Napoleon's Aunt Amy was also attractive, although Angelique LeChien knew the age difference gave her the edge.  But then, Angelique always had the edge on everyone.

The older woman was quiet, observant.  She knew this had to be related to Napoleon's work somehow, although nothing had ever been said between them that defined what he actually did for a living.  Too many mishaps, bruises and missed holidays gave away the probability that he worked for the government, or something like it.

As for the blonde woman across the room, Amy surmised that she was also somehow related to Napoleon; she knew his type, and this woman had that written all over her.

Lisa Rogers
George Dennel
Mandy Stevenson (Never, Never Affair)
Del Floria
Terry Cook (Gurnius Affair)
Aunt Amy
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