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Daily Reminder - Christmas Round Robin

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Once again I am here to invite writers to the 2017 Christmas Round Robin,  You can find the original post HERE
Today I'm going to give you the list of characters who will be featured, one in each chapter.  The concept is to tell a story about your character and tie it into the first chapter.  I'll be posting that one the first of December in order to give you plenty of time to construct your own.  Each chapter is a stand alone, with only the first entry to give it direction.  It isn't your typical Round Robin, but I think it can prove to be fun and interesting to see how it all evolves into the conclusion.
Here is the cast of characters, but not necessarily in the order they will be assigned to those who sign up; you can do that today or in the weeks to come.
Lisa Rogers
George Dennel
Mandy Stevenson (Never, Never Affair)
Del Floria
Terry Cook (Gurnius Affair)
Aunt Amy

Each of these characters has a unique relationship with our leads, Solo and Kuryakin.  Based on the first chapter, it's up to you to weave a story that leads back to that and helps write the last chapter.  I hope you'll join us.
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