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17 March 2019 @ 10:50 am
It's not too late to join the challenge. Some people are a little behind in their posts, which is fine. Life often interferes with art. Better late than never; we'd rather read your stories!

The prompts for this challenge:

The focus of the challenge is the city of New Orleans (given we're heading into Mardi Gras season) each letter of the alphabet has a prompt related to the city. Several of the prompts are contemporary, so you'll need to time shift them to the 1960's. Some will require a little research, no doubt, but nothing heavy duty.

Statistics: minimum 100 words, no maximum.

Subject Matter: Write a MFU story based on the prompts posted for each of the letters of the alphabet. The prompt can be the focus of your story, or just mentioned in it, but it must somehow be a part of your story.

Posting here should fit into the GENeral concepts of the section7mfu community, contain nothing explicit, reflects the 1960's series in style and content, and featuring our brave men from U.N.C.L.E.

Tags: Please use the tags ABC affair 2019, gen or gen-mature ( the gen-mature tag option for stories that contain violence, torture, angst or very mild het)

Subject header: This is the third year of this challenge, so in order to differentiate from the previously posted ABC stories please use:

THE ABC Affair Challenge 2019 (along with which letter of the alphabet for your story as well as the corresponding prompt)

Example: The ABC Affair Challenge 2019- A is for Alligator

Looking forward to reading your stories.  Any questions PM mrua7.
17 March 2019 @ 11:21 am

Leaving the restaurant, the boys saw a group of Thrush agents searching the crowds.   “Looks like Thrush knows we’re here and looking into the decreasing alligators’ population while their products are increasing and going for outrageous prices,” Napoleon said pointing to the group.

“I rather not be drugged again.  We should keep out of their way for a while until we find where they're killing the Gators.” Illya suggested.

“Sounds like a great idea,” and with that, the guys took off into the crowds.  Hearing a yell from the Thrush agents the men began to run.

They were slowed down while dodging ladders with a seat on top of them. ladders.jpg Some of the ladders were stand alone, while many are tied together with ropes and chains. Many were decorated with glitter and fleurs-de-lis. And many had seatbelts, wheels, battery operated lights, and cup holders.  Stopping to catch his breath, a two-year-old kicked him in the head.

“What the heck?”  Napoleon demanded.

Breathing heavily Illya said, “According to the book, it is a custom to see the parades.  Look over there.”  Following Illya finger, Napoleon saw a field of flowers at the end of the alley, and more importantly no crowds. 

“Partner, I think we lost them for a while.   Let’s go.”  Napoleon said

17 March 2019 @ 11:59 am

Napoleon was the first to awaken; he saw that Illya was beside him and they were both tied to colorfully painted ladders leaning against a wall.

They were in a dimly lit room full of more ladders leaning against the walls; they were  painted with the traditional Mardi Gras purple, green and gold. The agents they’d seen them along the parade routes.

Apparently they were used by families to raise up their children, or anyone of short stature, in order to help them see the floats and have a better chance at catching the throws... that is the trinkets tossed out by the different Krewes as they passed by.

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Illya Kuryakin did not enjoy the feeling of vulnerability and, sitting in a seat atop one of the brightly coloured ladders which lined the Mardi Gras parade route, made him feel especially open. He was dressed in black jeans, black turtleneck, and black jacket, and he was also adorned in many beads. On his head, Illya had placed a black beret, and looked pretty much like a beatnik who had taken the wrong turn on his way to a Jazz club. This made him stand out from the crowd, which added to his feelings of susceptibility.

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