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13 March 2019 @ 11:30 am

“Solo here,” Napoleon cleared his throat before answering his communicator.

“Yes Mister Solo,” No surprise that it was Waverly.

”After some consideration I have decided that once you and Mister Kuryakin have located and retrieved the codes, you are to destroy the satrapy. Even though nothing of consequence has come frome it as we cannot afford for THRUSH to get another foothold in the south, especially in the city of New Orleans. Our operation there is not one of our strongest.”

"And collateral damage sir?"

"So be it."

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13 March 2019 @ 12:51 pm
Waking up in a small shed tired to each other while sitting on back to back chairs, “Maybe we should give Thrush our knock out meds, so we do not wind up with headaches every time we wake up,” Illya complained.

“I wouldn’t use it,” Crocker said walking in the door.  “I enjoy seeing you boys suffering.”  His huge stomach shook as he laughed at his joke.  The man was dressed in blue jean overalls, red checked shirt, and straw hat. 

“Wonderful,” Napoleon mumbled running his eyes up his body.  “Going to a hoedown?”


“You better respect me if you plan on surviving our encounter.  Now, boys, you want to tell me what you’re doing down here.”

“Enjoying Mardi Gras like the rest of the city,” Napoleon looked at him as if to say, ‘why else would we be here’.


“I’m busy right now so you boys, just think about what my boys over there can do to get my information,” Crocker pointed out the window at the four men built like a house outside the window before leaving.

“You and your stomach, are you happy now?”  Napoleon complained as the two of them wiggled to get out of their bonds.

“Now you know how I feel with your women,” Illya angry shot back.  Finally getting the bonds off, he turned to untie his partner.  Looking out the window, he whistled.  “What is with that house?”

Looking at the house, Napoleon laughed.  “That my friend is Crocker’s attempt to fit into the celebration.  It seems he has to overdo everything.”

“What do you mean overdue?”

“Look at this place overdone with decorations and this shed with all the costumes of shapes and colors in one style.”

Illya looked up from digging in the boxes of Mardi Gras items. “If you could stop admiring the scenery, help me figure out how we're going to get out of here.  There has to be at least twenty men in costumes out there.” 

“You just answered your own question.  Pick one of these costumes out, and we’ll just saunter out of here.”

“Napoleon, you cannot be serious.”

“Costumes or torture.  Which would you prefer?” 

Sighing Illya grabbed one of the outfits, “They weigh a ton.”

Once they were dressed, they opened the door and strolled unnoticed through the crowd and into freedom.
13 March 2019 @ 02:45 pm

Short Affair challenge, 11 March. Prompts: cap, white. (My muse has paid a belated and fleeting visit)


Illya as chauffeur
Illya as chauffeur

Hattie Adler leant against the doorframe of the bordello she owned. Though not strictly legal, Miss Adler’s ‘House of Ill Repute’ was rarely bothered by the authorities, given that many of them were frequent visitors. Lazily fanning herself, she smiled as she noticed a worried looking young man across the street. He was clearly plucking up the courage to come across, if the way he was clutching his hat was anything to go by.

The blond, though fairly young looking, was definitely at an age where he should have had experience of a woman. It seemed to Hattie, however, that it was a situation he was hoping to remedy at her establishment. Catching his eye, she waggled her finger and beckoned him over.

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