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12 March 2019 @ 01:18 am
Illya’s eyes lit up as they walked into the restaurant.   Rubbing his hands together, he turned to Napoleon, “You get that table while I grabbed some dinner.”

Napoleon rolled his eyes and headed toward the only free table. Normally they wouldn’t have accepted it as there was no wall to protect their back.  The table was in the middle of the floor with and crowds were running into it as they went back for me. However, he didn’t want to suggest his partner wait to they found a better place to eat when his sights were set on the food in front of him.

Illya returned with both hands filled overflowing plates.  One hand had a dish full of crawdaddy while the other had the biggest bowl of gumbo Napoleon had ever seen.

“Hungry, are we?”  Napoleon asked sarcastically. 

“It is all you can eat, and I want to make sure to get my share.”  Illya countered taking another large spoonful of gumbo.
Upon returning with his dinner, Napoleon saw a second full bowl next to the emptied one.

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Very, if only we were not being jostled so much.”   Mumbled around his food.

“One day your stomach is going to get us into trouble, and you complain it’s my women. Remember when you finish feeding your face, we still have Crocker to fine.”  Napoleon teased.

Before could say anything else, they felt someone bumping into the table and then felt a sharp pinprick. “And I hope he enjoyed that meal as I’m right behind you Solo,” was the last thing either heard before darkness took them.
12 March 2019 @ 11:42 am

Solo ducked behind a potted palm tree in the hotel lobby and immediately contacted Waverly to give him the bad news.

The Old Man wasn’t pleased at all, and by the tone of his voice he seemed ready to give his two best agents a dressing down, luckily he took a deep calming breath.

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12 March 2019 @ 06:13 pm
F Is For Fat Chance

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The restaurant was already heaving with people, but Illya didn’t care. He wanted to get his hands on some gumbo, and he was taking the opportunity while Napoleon completed their assignment. Pushing his way through the throng, he finally reached the large cooking pot which held his prize. Three old women were attending to the pot, and Illya couldn’t help but to think of the three witches from Macbeth.

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