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08 March 2019 @ 01:06 am
Meeting Illya in the restaurant of the hotel, they sat down to an all you can eat crawfish dinner. Illya plucked them from a metal mixing bowl. He held it between his index fingers, and thumbs then twisted the head off and sucked the juice from it.   Next, he unwrapped the top of the shell pinching the tail and squeezed the seasoned, spicy meat into his mouth.  He did this all in one smooth move. Once Illya had eaten three bowls of them, he sat back looking at Napoleon.

“I was attacked by dogs a number of times,” he said out of the blue.  “I prefer not to be around them as possible.”

Napoleon nodded saying nothing knowing his partner wasn’t finished.

“One of my friends at the orphanage was killed by a dog after a group of us ran away the first time and caught.  As punishment, they put us in a courtyard surrounded by hungry dogs and told not to move until we were told we could.   Nicklaus became so tired he fell down, and the guards did not stop the dogs from tearing him apart.” Illya explained.

“How old were you?” 


“That’s evil.”

“Just one of many things I witnessed going up,” Illya looked down at the table.

“You said the first time?”

Illya grinned, “Have you ever seen me give up?”  and signaled for the waitress for another dish of crawfish.

“Not even when eating,” Napoleon mumbled.

“I heard that,” Illya said popping another crawfish in before Napoleon whispered.

“I think Thrush knows we’re here.”

Following Napoleon glaze, he saw Crocker staring at them.
08 March 2019 @ 08:36 am
References here are to stories in my House of Vanya series.
The Masquerade

B Is for Back For More

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08 March 2019 @ 11:00 am

The sights, sounds and scents of Mardi Gras filled the streets of New Orleans and with Napoleon and Illya
having time to kill, that gave them the opportunity to enjoy themselves, for once.

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Illya Kuryakin had, yet again, found himself confined to desk work; this time thanks to a sprained knee. His situation was made all the more annoying by the daily calls he was getting from his partner. Napoleon was on assignment in New Orleans, and was taking great delight in regaling Illya with stories of all the restaurants he’d visited.

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