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Reaping Mary Sue Or How Reapermum finally got published. The Epilogue.

After all was said and done, Illya Kuryakin was left in a daze.  He’d been told his real name was Niklas Kullberg, and suddenly he had a family. A brother Haylan, a sister and a mother, Marta and Brita. He couldn’t believe it at first, and it was all thanks to the selfless efforts of Marie Suzette Slate.

The initial meeting with his newly found family was awkward, once it had been verified they were indeed his siblings and mother; they wanted to embrace him with all the love they had for their long-lost brother and son.

Illya on the other hand stepped back warily. These were strangers, and no one ‘lost’ to him, as he never knew of their existence.  It would take him time to warm up to them, and to deal with the bitter pill he had to swallow, knowing that his beloved Marie Suzette was in love with Haylan and to be married to him. Though there were things he did find annoying about her,  Illya could still feel his heart breaking after all, when he mistakenly thought he'd somehow escaped Marie, but instead he was caught like an insignificant thing in the web of her magnificence.

Haylan was brilliant in his own right, and worthy of Marie, but still Illya was hurting, thinking it was he who should be at her side;  he would have even left UNCLE for her. Yet he held no ill-will against his newly found brother, after all Marie loved Haylan; that made him the luckiest man in the world.

There were too many emotional highs and lows for Illya Kuryakin,  and his new-found identity had him suddenly feeling very adrift.  He was dealing with the loss of his 'self', essentially, as well as the loss of the most magnificent women he’d ever met, and loved.

He was in fact not a Russian, his melancholy Russian soul was no longer his by birth. That, his identity...who he was, and his stoicism were gone. He was now....Swedish? It was going to take time for him to wrap his head around that fact.

He was Niklas Kullberg  the Swede, and not Illya Kuryakin the brooding Russian. Well, at least he spoke Swedish, and that would help him to create his new persona.  He felt he needed to be true to his family and the country of his birth.

But Illya Nickovich Kuryakin a Swede? “Tsk.”  Well it would make a positive change perhaps as to how he was treated, since no one liked ‘Russians...”

Many months passed, and he was finding solace in his new identity, learning about his family and his country over and above the peripheral knowledge he had about Sweden.

His yearnings for Marie, who was now his sister-in-law, were still ubiquitous, but safely sequestered in his psyche. Like so many other emotional things, he locked them safely away from prying eyes.

“Perhaps,” he thought. “his stoicism was intact after all”... Yet a stoic Swede just didn’t sound right.

The telephone at his desk rang, startling him.

“Kuryakin, ” he answered impassionately. He still hadn’t made the change to using Kullberg.

“Illya...I mean Niklas, it’s Marie, hello luv!”

In his current mood, she was the last person he wanted to hear from, yet her voice was so cheerful and inviting, like a ray of sunshine, or perhaps food to a starving man. Marie Suzette  always made a room light up when she walked into it, and even her voice on the telephone did the same thing.  He missed her so much.

“Yes, hello Marie how are you?” He kept his voice even, holding back his emotions.

“I just had to call you and give you the news!” She spoke excitedly.

His first thought jumped to the presumption that she was pregnant.

“Do not go there,” he told himself. “And what is that Marie?” He bravely asked.

“I’ve been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for my work in cancer research...”
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