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Reaping Mary Sue Or How Reapermum finally got published - part IV

Doctor Haylan Kullberg was so completely taken aback at the shocking news that his little brother, Niklas might still be alive, that he collapsed onto the chaise longue that was situated artfully in front of the paladian window that graced Maria's office.  It was this beautiful view of the city that provided much of the inspiration for the sensitive woman, she being such a lover of beautiful things.

Haylan, meanwhile, was trying to recover from this revelation that had come from the rose petal lips of this exquisite and kind colleague.  With the happy news of what might prove to be a glorious family reunion, the handsome scientist realized that an even greater realization had emerged: he was in love with Maria Suzette Slate.  He knew for a certainty that nothing was more important or life changing for him now than the pursuit of her heart.

Plans were made to reunite Haylan's still grieving family for an ocean voyage to America, to the New York that was now home to who Maria believed was the long lost baby, Niklas.  Illya Nickovitch Kuryakin was most certainly that missing child, and if looks could be believed, she now realized it was the stunning resemblance that had drawn her to the faux Russian in the first place.  It would be a crushing blow to Illya, to lose Maria to his previously unknown brother, but the fates had spoken and Haylan was Maria's true love.  Illya would take some solace in the discovery of his long lost family, perhaps, although losing Maria might be a blow not easily covered, even by the love of a mother and brother and sister... It was worth a shot, however, and Maria felt obligated to at least try and paint a pretty picture against a crushing loss.

Maria and Haylan enlisted the young man's sister, Marta Kullberg, and between these three brilliant researchers the task of rewriting the family's tragic history became instead the discovery of a truth that would change their lives.  With the addition of Britta Kullberg, the QE2 would now carry the hopeful quartet to the shores of a new world in which their greatest loss would be transformed into their greatest, most unexpected joy.  Perhaps the only thing that would eclipse this great event was the approaching nuptials of Haylan and Maria, because truly she was now more precious to the Kullberg family than any member by birth.  Each of them loved the stunning Maria more than the next, and now looked to her for the happiness she could so easily provide.

As New York Harbor welcomed the transatlantic travelers, Illya Kuryakin waited alone for an arrival, the impact of which he still did not understand in full.  Would it bring him happiness or a broken heart?

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