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Reaping Mary Sue Or How Reapermum finally got published - Part III

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Part III

The flight back to London had passed quickly. One of the top designers of Paris' most renown haute couture lines had spotted Marie coming aboard and immediately offered to upgrade her to the first class section so that he could have a chance to talk to her about building a new line around her.

She was, of course, flattered, but explained to him in her perfectly accented French that she couldn't possibly abandon her research when she was so close to eradicating the threat of cancer. He was so impressed by her obvious intellect and determination that he immediately offered to sponsor her research with a donation large enough to fund the research center she worked from for a year. She accepted the generous offer and agreed to consider the idea of the fashion line again once her cure was fully tested and vetted.

There was a bit of a delay at the airport as Marie was mistaken for a Princess that was supposed to be visiting Buckingham Palace as a potential match for Prince Charles. Marie was gracious (it was the third time she'd run into a similar problem this year) and the photographers present were disappointed as she was so much more photogenic than the actual Princess proved to be.

Finally free of the airport, Marie headed directly to the research center to look up one of her fellow researchers there, Doctor Haylan Kullberg. Her flawless memory had recalled that Haylan always wore a medallion, but she had never gotten a clear look at it as it had always been half-hidden by the shirts he wore.

"Doctor Kullberg? Could I have a moment of your time?"

As he turned to face her, his blue eyes reminded her strongly of Illya's. Or of how Illya's would be without the lingering shadows that seemed to haunt their blue depths.

"I have all the time for you that you need, Miss Slate. How can I be of assistance?"

"I know that this is an odd question, but that medallion you're always wearing intrigues me. Could you tell me something about it?"

"Why, of course. My mother bought it for me along with matching ones for my sister Marta and my baby brother Niklas."

"You introduced me to your sister at the Christmas party last year. She's the one that's a nuclear physicist, isn't she?"

"Yes - took her beauty and brilliance from our mother. Not that our father isn't a genius in his own right. When he left the diplomatic corps, he went back to teaching and Cambridge was thrilled to be able to snap him up as a professor."

"Your brother wasn't able to make it to the party?"

Haylan's handsome face fell into an expression of grief.

"My brother was lost to us when he was only two."

Marie's tender heart hated to press for any further details from the stricken man but consoled herself with the thought of what it would mean to the family if her suspicions were proven to be correct.

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