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Reaping Mary Sue Or How Reapermum finally got published.

The original plot summary is here.  The first chapter by mrua7 is here
If you write a chapter please use the title Reaping Mary Sue, and insert the tags mary sue, reapermum and round robin.  Also make certain that you're writing in sequence to the previous post.
Thanks and have fun.

That first fateful meeting between the stunning blonde couple produced a week of romantic nights that included dining in New York's finest restaurants and taking in Broadway shows.  Marie was conversant in so many subjects that even the supremely well educated Russian, Kuryakin, felt slightly intimidated in her presence.  Marie shared her travels throughout Europe and the Orient, demonstrating her talent by describing each city in  whatever language was spoken there.  Illya was completely and hopelessly infatuated with the beautiful Londoner, and not in the least embarrassed to admit that he had finally met someone of superior intellect and untainted ethics.

It was at the end of this week of extraordinary companionship and exemplary self control that Illya found himself narrating his own story of abuse and lack while a child in Russia.  The ethos of his account as well as the saint like reception by Marie Suzette created an ethereal atmosphere as the two contemplated how his suffering had led to a life devoted to helping others.  Marie noted with satisfaction that her own work was of the same altruistic nature, something else that helped to strengthen this new bond she had with the handsome agent.

Napoleon thought the beautiful sister of his equally important friend Mark Slate to be somehow less attractive than everyone else.  It was, perhaps, his lack of interest in someone so much like his partner.  One charismatic and over accomplished blond was quite enough for the handsome American.  He'd leave this one alone and give his monk like friend a break for once.  It was the least he could, and besides he had a date for every night this month.  He could only stretch himself so far.  Napoleon had to laugh at his own little joke.

On the last night of the magical week that had been, Illya desired more than a passionate kiss from the beautiful Marie.  And of course her kisses were passionate in spite of her ladylike decorum, and should have been enough considering they were more satisfying than sex with most women he'd known.  Illya wondered about that, although he didn't dwell for long.  Just holding Marie's hand was enough to send him home happy and content.

On their last night together, Marie noticed a gold chain and medallion around Illya's neck.  Instead of his usual turtleneck sweater the blond had worn a silk crew neck tee shirt atop his usual black jeans.  Marie, being an astute fashionista in her own right, had been impressed by his choice of clothing before her eyes landed on the mysterious medallion.  She held a picture of it in her eidetic memory as she flew home to England, a seed of intrigue now sown into her spirit of goodwill, as well as a parting offer from Mr. Waverly to join his organization.  She was, after all, the prototype of all that he envisioned for the Command.
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