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08 January 2013 @ 07:30 pm
2013 QuoteME Challenge Calendar  
So here is the calendar for the 6 QuoteME challenges section7mfu will be running in 2013. The dates listed are the posting dates.

Challenge 1 Sun, Feb 17th through Sat, Feb 23rd
Challenge 2 Sun, Apr 21st through Sat, Apr 27th
Challenge 3 Sun, Jun 16th through Sat, Jun 22nd
Challenge 4 Sun, Aug 18th through Sat, Aug 24th
Challenge 5 Sun, Oct 20th through Sat, Oct 26th
Challenge 6 Sun, Dec 15th through Sat, Dec 21st

Rules for this series of challenges are to write an MFU story that is representational of the quote assigned for the particular challenge. The quote doesn't have to verbally appear within the context of the story; the idea it embodies just needs to be captured in that story. The quote, however, should be placed separately at the top of the story.

I will post the actual quote for the challenge several weeks in advance. So you'll have plenty of time to consider how to incorporate the idea of it into your story, as well as actually get the writing done.

Minimum of 500 words (drabbles are not encompassed in this particular series of challenges) with no max. The material must be suitable for all audiences and reflect the style of the original series. Please use the quoteme tag when posting all stories.

I will assign the quote for the first challenge in a separate post today.