mrua7 (mrua7) wrote in section7mfu,

December PicFic Challenge notice:

I’ll be posting three photo prompts for each of the three weeks before Christmas, but the challenge is to link each of your Picfics so they, in essence ,create a three chapter story, sort of making it a WIP.  The link that ties each chapter together can be a simple sentence, or reference or you can make it complicated, it’s your choice, depending upon where your elfin-muse takes you.

This time there will be themes for each prompt....Christmas past, present and future.

We figured we’d finish off the 2012 Picfc Challenge with something a little different as there will be no Picfic posted on Christmas Eve. That's the time we should be spending with friends and family and not in front of a computer....

note: thanks to Glennagirl for the photo manip.
Tags: challenges, picfic, section vii
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