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27 May 2015 @ 08:54 pm

Illya and Napoleon stepped out of the UNCLE cab that had picked them up from the TWA terminal at JFK. It was one o’clock on a Sunday afternoon and they were stopping at the Greers’ to pick up Leona Nicole on their way home. Barring unforeseen circumstances, they anticipated being at HQ for the next few weeks. Illya was looking forward to working on his projects in the labs, Napoleon was looking forward to working his way through the newest female hires. This last mission had Innocents, but they had been siblings; a twenty – five year old young man and his nineteen year sister. Even his libido balked at the idea of romancing such an inexperienced young woman.

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During his life, and especially his U.N.C.L.E. career, Illya Kuryakin had probably broken more than half of the bones in his body. He’d also been shot numerous times and suffered more than enough concussions. Then there was the ridiculously high amount of injuries sustained from the torture sessions he’d endured, such broken skin from whippings, beatings and deliberate cuts; amongst many, many others. Yet, somehow, none of that had made Illya as utterly miserable as a heavy head cold on top of a bout of gastroenteritis. He actually found himself looking forward to his next meeting with a THRUSH torturer.

27 May 2015 @ 10:29 am

"Good morning gentlemen.  I see you have the reports in front of you, I hope you have read them."

The Old Man was in no mood for dallying about, and these two were notorious for waiting until the last minute, especially the American.

"Sir, I have read and analyzed the report."


The brunet said it under his breath but the blond heard, choosing to ignore his partner's jealousy over such things.  He'd been at his computer all morning preparing for this meeting and…

"And what is your take on the situation?"

"Well Mr. Solo,  sir…"

A flood of memories...


Get your foot out of my armpit chum.”

“My feet are on the floor Napoleon.”

“Then whats that digging into me?”

“My knee.”

“Oh...makes it so much better, now could you please remove it?”

Kuryakin tried, but only succeeded in toppling over. Napoleon followed suit, landing on top of the Russian.

Applause erupted as everyone watching began to laugh.

Solo was to his feet first, offering Illya a hand up.

“Last time I play Twister with you Napoleon, especially with an audience,”

“Darlings, it’s just a game!” April Dancer laughed.

“Not when it involves these two luv,” Mark snickered.

Links to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Napoleon and Illya waited for the girl to leave them before discussing their suspicions, of which they were convinced of Tetsuya’s involvement and now perhaps Shinjiru as well.

“Given Tetsuya’s style of dress when we first met him, it would have worked well with a ninja’s hood and leggings, that and his reaction when he found you holding said ninja accutrements,” Illya pointed to what was left of it laying on the floor.

”His use of a smoke bomb, also a ninja trademark, and his not wanting us to see the clothing…I would say it is safe to assume he was one of the two people I confronted last night.”

“He’s of small enough stature as well,” Napoleon said,”as is our little lady friend, who seemed to recover from the knockout gas awfully fast...

“With seemingly no discernable after effects,” Illya added,"and she seemed to know to have the towels for our eyes, didn't she?"

“Tell me about it,” Solo again rubbed his temples. “I think we have our second suspect, so let’s just go and question her.”

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25 May 2015 @ 09:32 pm

Prompts – Load/Brown
Word Count (approx.) – 560

This is a follow up to 'Two Masters'. If you want to read that first, click the link


“Mr Kuryakin appears to have gone missing,” Mr Waverly stated, as Napoleon sat down at the large round table. “Given that you are not in the least bit concerned, I can only assume that you know his location. I take it that his disappearance is in connection with the whole Lyutov business. ”

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Ooops...almost forgot, again. Guess it's going to take me a month or so to get used to being back to the old rotation. Amazing that next week is June.

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Here's your prompt...somewhat opposite to this weeks tranquil scene.

25 May 2015 @ 11:52 am

You will find the story here.  The link takes you to AO3.

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