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thMaurice White, a founding member of iconic group Earth, Wind and Fire, died this past February so I dedicate this month's challenge to him and his band.  The songs are "Evil" and "The World's a Masquerade."  Click on the links to read the lyrics.

The rules are quite simple: Write a story, minimally 500 words with no maximum, using as your prompt the lyrics of a particular song.  The lyrics can inspire your tale, provide the setting for your tale or even be the background music of your tale.  I have made one change to the challenge: You will have a choice of two songs sung by one artist.  If you are feeling truly inspired, write two stories using both prompts!

Posting for the challenge begins Thursday, May 19th and runs through Saturday, May 21st.  Please include the phrase “Song Story Challenge” and the month in the Subject field and the tag “song story” in the Tags field.

Happy writing!

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04 May 2016 @ 05:33 pm

“Were you expecting company?” Napoleon shouted just as the door caved.

“FBI!  Drop your weapons!” A fusillade came through the window causing the agents to dive for cover.

“Tell your colleagues to stop shooting and we will!” Illya yelled.

“That’s not us!”

Napoleon turned back toward the window and resumed firing.  “Then I suggest you help before we’re all killed!”

Having no better choice, the four FBI agents joined the gunfight.  Moments later, they heard a car’s tires screeching as the shooters left.  Illya quickly moved to look out the window only to turn around to face four guns.  “What is this about?  Why are you here?”

“You’re coming with us, Russkie.  I’m Agent Spencer and we know you’re plotting against the American government!”

Napoleon stepped in front of Illya.  Holstering his Walther he growled, “There’s no need to threaten my partner.  We’re cooperating.  Pass me your weapon, Illya.”  He tucked it in his belt.  “No single government can have UNCLE technology.  Tell me where you’re taking him and I’ll meet you.”

Spencer cuffed Illya.  “No.”

Napoleon rubbed Illya’s shoulder.  “Don’t worry, Partner.”  He smiled when the FBI failed to notice the homing device he’d slipped under Illya’s shirt collar.    

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Current Location: Queens, NY
The top team of U.N.C.L.E. New York were travelling back from a successful mission. Illya was driving, while Napoleon seemingly dozed.

“Do you ever feel like it is sometimes too easy?” Solo murmured, without opening his eyes.

“Easy?” Illlya replied, with incredulity. “We’ve just prevented the abductions of three congressmen and two senators. It took two weeks of careful research and planning, followed by three days moving the five men around to confuse therir abductors. What was easy about all of that?”

“Neither of us was captured, or tortured, or even injured.”

Solo could almost hear the inevitable eye roll.


Napoleon watched Illya fidget as they waited for any sign of life in the house they were watching.

“What’s wrong with you today? You’re like a flea”

“A flea? Why do you say that?”

“Because you can’t sit still. What’s wrong?”

“I am getting tired of waiting.” The Russian pursed his lips.

“You? You’re the most patient man I know. Come on give, there has to be something else bothering you.”

“Tsk,” Illya clicked his tongue.”It is near lunch time and I am hungry.”

Napoleon chuckled. “Here, have a Hershey bar to tide you over.”

“Thank you my friend.”

The Round Robin is moving along with some action and exitement now happening!  We've got a a location...Little Russian in Brooklyn NY. The boys are going against orders to investigate a decoy satrapy,  there's diguises and shots fired!  Whew!

Chapter 1 by glennagirl

Chapter 2 by mrua7
Chapter 3 by sidhe_uaine42

Chapter 4 by insaneladybug
Chapter 5 by avirra
Chapter 6 by selyndaep
Chapter 7 by alynwa

UP NEXT: rosywonder!

04 May 2016 @ 07:50 am
Hope you have a day filled with pleasant surprises Cuz!

img_8717 cascade-wedding-bouquets
(from Avirra…to Selyndaep…

Chapter 6
Illya’s lips twitched at his partner’s lapse.
Catching the smirk, Napoleon made a face, shaking his fist in mock anger.
“How long do you think you’ll need?” Illya asked, jotting: ‘How did you learn of this?’
“Hmmm…20 minutes should do it.” He handed back the pad: ‘Hallway. Dark glasses, work boots, heavy pea coat, stocking cap. My height. Spoke in whisper.’
Illya raised an eyebrow. Napoleon had not specified gender; curious…
“Well, I’d better hurry if I’m going to get those supplies.” Not yet moving, he gave a speaking look.
“Yes, yes,” Illya answered carelessly as an absent man immersed in his work. A short nod acknowledged the seriousness of the situation as he locked eyes with his partner.
Said partner smiled grimly. I will if you will.
Illya’s eyes gleamed in response. Suddenly, lunging, his eyes darkened as he tackled his friend to the floor!
Napoleon’s heightened reflexes barely allowed him enough time to enough to buffer the hard landing. He mouthed the inevitable question, “What did you—”
CRACK! The window shattered in a spray of gunfire!
The agents automatically rolled apart, taking flanking defensive positions, guns drawn.
Suddenly, the front door began to shake! A battering ram!

…and next to Alynwa!)

“That’s the last of them, Mr Reid.”

Stefan Reid, head of the U.N.C.L.E. North West accounting department, frowned as his secretary deposited the stack of files on his desk. Just looking at them gave him a headache. One whole pile contained the expenses claims of Napoleon Solo. Although Reid had signed off on them, he needed to look back through them and compile lists of which items were claimed for the most. He was, of course, going to be looking through those of other Section 2 agents, but he needed to get the biggest problem out of the way first.

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03 May 2016 @ 02:41 pm
Big question among the MFU crowd, we tend to use the term quite a lot.  And it carries a bit of confusion with it because we often use the terms satrap and satrapy incorrectly.  I've had to go back more than once and correct my use of it in a story, and I see it come up in things I read so, I thought it was worth going over the definitions.

  1. a provincial governor in the ancient Persian empire.

    • any subordinate or local ruler.


  1. a province governed by a satrap.

    So there you have it. The satrap is a person, the satrapy is a location.
    I'm wondering if we might have other situations, words or concepts that would bear some discussion.  If you have any ideas then maybe we could create an open forum on Fridays to put some things out here for brainstorming and correction, when needed.
    PM me or open a post on the topic.