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08 February 2016 @ 07:53 pm
Prompt word: Cascade
Prompt colour: Blue
Word count: 823

Something Different

Blue sparks danced across the metal grille on the floor towards them, and Napoleon and Illya jumped back smartly out of the way. There was only one way in or out so at least they had Gwinnett trapped...if trapping a mad man in an electrified suit could be counted as good in any way...

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08 February 2016 @ 01:18 pm
Short Affair 2/8
Prompt: Grasp
Color: Blue

Title: Simple in Theory
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~750

(This whole scenario was somewhat inspired by Brinstar from the first Metroid game)

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    valentines-heart-clip-art-rtroeist6This is an audio-visual PicFic, along the line of a song story, valentines-heart-clip-art-rtroeist6-1
and is a Valentine's Day Challenge

Instead of posting the prompt on Monday as usual,
I'm posting it today  to give you ample time to be inspired and
post your stories all of next week up to and including Sunday the 14th!

Monday  the 15th we'll return to posting our usual PicFic prompt.

We're giving you two choices for your PicFic,
choose one or both if you want!

( Rules of the challenge behind the cut: )

FYI: There'll be no prompt posted for next week because of the timing of Valentine's Day so the week of the 15th will be open posting for you to catch up and post a PicFic you never got around to doing! Lots of previous prompts to choose from. :D

A prompt will post on Monday the 15th as usual, for the following Tuesday posting, back to our normal PicFic rotation.

Alynwa will also be hosting the Song Story Challenge as it's being resurrected again! So keep an eye out for that!

Don't forget to check out the Valentine stories that will be posting over in mfu_scrapbook on the 14th, as part of Spikesrgirl's challenge

Challenge: The Short Affair

Prompt Word #1 - Grasp

-Prompt Colour – Blue

Title: A sight for sore eyes

Author: mrua7

Word count: Approximately 800

He snorted, gasping for air as the grasp of the interrogator’s hand tightened around his throat, cutting off his air supply. His hands and feet tied to a metal chair prevented him from moving to try to defend himself.

Napoleon couldn’t breathe, and the man knew it; seeing the UNCLE agent’s eyes begin to bulge as he struggled to get one last bit of air. Soon he’d pass out, and if the pressure was maintained on the throat, the blood flow to the brain would be cut off.

That would be the end of the great Napoleon Solo.

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Prompts - Cascade/Blue
Word Count (Approx.) - 976

This is the Foxton Clinic,” announced Mr Waverly, indicating the brownstone building being shown on the projector screen. “It specialises in the gastro-intestinal disorders of New York’s elite.”

“What is our interest?” Napoleon asked.

He was sitting at the round conference table beside his partner. In answer to Solo’s question, Waverly changed the image on the screen to one of a distinguished looking, grey haired gentleman in a white coat.

“Dr Frederick Foxton,” he stated. “Owner of the clinic, and apparent THRUSH associate. We believe he is a go-between for the Hierarchy and some of his more affluent patients.”

Waverly explained to the two men that some disturbing intelligence had been received. It seemed to suggest that several well-known businessmen and socialites were bank-rolling some of THRUSH’s projects.

“We need to know exactly who these patients are. To this end, Mr Kuryakin is going to infiltrate the clinic as a patient.”

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08 February 2016 @ 08:30 am

Hello again one and all. Are you ready for this week’s Short Affair Prompts? I certainly hope so because the prompts are down there, beneath cut, along with all the rules you need.

Posting is open for stories featuring the prompts given last week. You’ll find those prompts right here.

Section VII is a Gen site, but stories which are Het, Long-term Romance or AU can be posted in the Map Room. You’ll find the link for it down the side there.

Have fun.

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Title: Blue Eyes
Author: jkkitty
Prompt word: grasp
Prompt Colour: blue
Word Count: 645

Napoleon knocked and then quickly opened the door of Illya’s apartment.  Six blue eyes greeted him, four of them shining like sapphires from under the couch.

“How are you doing today?”   Napoleon asked the blue eyes that belonged to his partner as he headed into the kitchen with the takeout.   As he turned around, he almost tripped over the two kittens that had followed the smell of Chinese.

“Bored.   When did medical say when I could go back to work? You talked to them right?”   A frustrated Illya demanded.

“I quote, ‘Tell Mr. Kuryakin he does not grasp the situation.  Any pressure on his leg and he will be back here instead of at home.  In addition, the fact he can’t use his arm until the stitches come out means he should not use it to support himself,’ Unquote.  I’m afraid partner that you’re here for the next two weeks.”
“Napoleon I am bored.  I need something to do.”

One of the cats began to rub herself on Napoleon’s leg.  “I can’t believe you kept them,” Napoleon said indicating the kittens with a nod of his head.

“They needed a home. I could not leave them in the lab where someone would have killed them.”   Illya explained as he padded a place next to him on the couch.   Quickly the two cats joined him.   “Besides, they are well trained and brilliant.”

“Who knows what they did to them there and who experiments they were part of.   You can’t tell me that cat’s eyes are normally that blue. They could have something dangerous and to be honest, they give me the willies.”

“Napoleon, they are kittens. There is nothing dangerous about them.”

“Well, they are staring at me.”

“They like you besides they will keep me company.  Now, how about the food, I am starved?”

Napoleon dished up some for each of them, put the remainder in the refrigerator before delivering a plate of it to Illya and sitting beside him.
Eating in silent, Napoleon jumped when he heard a sound from the kitchen.  “What’s that noise?”

“I did not hear anything.”

“Well I did,” Napoleon insisted as he headed to investigate. Finding nothing to be concerned about, he returned to Illya.  The kittens were cleaning themselves in the kitchen door.   “I’m going to get some more, do you want any?” 

“No thank you.  I am full.”

“The empty pit is full.  I’ll have to put today on the calendar.”  Laughed Napoleon as he headed toward the kitchen.  When he opened the refrigerator door, the empty containers of food greeted him.  “What the heck?”

“What is the problem?” 

“The food is gone!”

Illya looked toward the kitchen as one the kittens caught his eye and winked at him.  Shaking his head to make sure he wasn’t imaging it, the kitten winked again.

“Are you sure there was any left?”

“Illya I might be tired, but I am not senile.   I put the remained of the food in the refrigerator. Did you take it?”

“Napoleon, you were sitting next to me the whole time.  When would I have taken it?”

“Well, it’s just you, me and the cats…..” Napoleon stopped and glared at the kittens.

“How would they open the door?”

“When I heard the noise before, they were not in here with us.”

“I think partner that you need a nap.”

Shaking his head, Napoleon returned to the chair where he had been sitting.   Maybe Illya was right.   He hadn’t slept well since they came back from their last assignment.  A small nap might be just what he needed.

As his partner snored, the kittens laid down beside Illya.  “You two cannot do that again unless you want Napoleon to become suspicious about what other experiments they subjected you to.”

The kittens curled up beside the Russian, a grin on their faces as they fell asleep.
07 February 2016 @ 07:42 am

There are a lot of birthdays today on Lj, and it got me thinking. We are in a fandom that has passed the fifty year mark, and the objects of our affections remain eternally 30ish while we continue to age. Does fandom activity keep you young? Are you still that dewey eyed girl when you put your attentions on Solo and Kuryakin.
I know for me, the idea of lusting over young McCallum is a tad embarrassing, although it doesn't stop me from doing it. I am transported back to my youth but with all of the wisdom and experience of my life firmly in place. I want them to remain as they were, even if I can't.
What about you? Is this a romantic dream, a childhood crush, or simply a guilty pleasure? Perhaps none of those describes your fangirl life. Tell us about it.

06 February 2016 @ 11:10 pm
Wishing you a wonderful day, here's a virtual basket of
French wine, bread and cheese for you to enjoy!

Bon anniversaire mon amie!